Light changes in European morning trade so far

<p style=““ class=“text-align-justify“>We’re seeing more tentative tones after the flow-driven moves to start the new year, with broader market sentiment also not hinting at much today. The dollar moved up a little to start the session but is now sitting little changed and more mixed as we slowly move towards North America trading.</p><p style=““ class=“text-align-justify“>USD/JPY is flat at around 132.57 following a run up to 132.90 earlier while GBP/USD is still down 0.3% to 1.2020 but off its earlier low of 1.2000 at least. Elsewhere, AUD/USD is down 0.1% to 0.6825 after having touched 0.6800 earlier and USD/CAD is up 0.2% to 1.3500 but off the high of 1.3527 earlier.</p><p style=““ class=“text-align-justify“>The euro continues to be more resilient, with EUR/USD up 0.1% to 1.0611 though the change is not anything significant.</p><p style=““ class=“text-align-justify“>Looking at other markets, equities are tepid with US futures flat and European indices marginally lower on the day. A lack of drive in the bond market also isn’t helping with 10-year Treasury yields flattish at around 3.71% at the moment.</p><p style=““ class=“text-align-justify“>As mentioned earlier, it seems like we do have to wait until after tomorrow’s US non-farm payrolls for markets to sort out their feet and get settled in – following the hustle and bustle in the past two days.</p>

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