S&P 500 Technical Analysis


On the daily chart below for the S&P
500, we can see that the price action remains rangebound just beneath the 4175
level. This has been a really strong resistance and we can expect some quick
rally once the price breaks out decisively with buyers jumping in aggressively
and sellers folding fast.

Overall, the market hasn’t done
much since April as we’ve just been bouncing up and down between the 4175
resistance and the 4061 support. This is the type of market that
chops out many traders that suffer from impatience. At the moment, it’s a
waiting game until we get a clear breakout supported by a fundamental catalyst.

In the 4
hour chart below, we can see that we have an even tighter range between the
4175 resistance and the 4120 support. Such compressions generally lead to big
moves once the market breaks out. The big spike yesterday was due to positive
news on the debt ceiling
front, but it’s more likely that in case of a deal
we get a “sell the fact” reaction rather than a rally. The risk events to watch next are the US Jobless Claims
today and Fed Chair Powell speech tomorrow.

In the 1
hour chart below, we can see more closely the tight range we’ve been stuck into
since the start of May. A break above the 4175 level should lead to a quick
rally into the 4206 high. That will be the last line of defence for the sellers
as a break beyond that will lead to further upside into the 4300 area. On the
downside, the sellers may lean again on the 4175 resistance and target the 4120
support first, and 4061 support next. Keep close eye on these levels.

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