MetaWin Raises the Bar for Transparency in Online Gaming

MetaWin, a leading
platform for online prize-winning games, has introduced a groundbreaking
initiative focused on enhancing transparency and fairness for players globally.
After extensive research, MetaWin identified inconsistencies in Return to
Player (RTP) rates among different operators, causing confusion among players.

Understanding RTP is crucial for players looking to make
informed gaming choices. In simple terms, RTP represents the percentage of
wagers that a game returns to players over time. For instance, a game with
an RTP of 97% would typically return around $97 for every $100 wagered.

MetaWin has introduced a maximum win guarantee for all its
games, aiming to maintain the highest RTP levels across the platform. According
to the team, this measure is designed to provide players with exceptional odds
and a satisfying gaming experience.

„At MetaWin, our top priorities are transparency and
player satisfaction,“ stated Rebecca Hanwell, Operations
Manager at Metawin. „Our commitment to maximising RTP isn’t just a
goal; it’s a pledge to provide our users with the best gaming experience

A significant challenge for players is the lack of clarity
regarding the versions of games offered by operators. Many popular games, like
Gates of Olympus, come in multiple payout settings, with operators often
selecting versions that offer lower RTP without informing players.

„MetaWin aims to tackle this issue by offering easy
access to RTP information for all games on its platform, ensuring transparency
and empowering players to make educated decisions“,
emphasised Rebecca Hanwell, Operations Manager at Metawin. „With our
maximum win guarantee, players can rest assured that they always receive the
best possible odds when choosing to play with us.“

MetaWin’s dedication to transparency and fairness is
setting a new industry standard in online gaming. The team highlights that by
prioritising player interests and committing to ensuring maximum RTP across all
games, they are actively reshaping the gaming experience for millions

About Metawin

MetaWin (,
a leading prize-winning online platform, is revolutionising the landscape of
digital competitions. Utilising blockchain technology, MetaWin ensures every
competition is characterised by transparency, fairness, and excitement. With a
proven track record of offering substantial prizes and a dedicated focus on
innovation, MetaWin is reshaping the future of online contests.

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